Silicon Soap Dispensing Soft Bath Shower Body Brush ( Random Colors Will Be Sent )

  • Rs.200.00

  • Silicone body scrubbers Shower Silicone Massage Bath Brush is perfect for giving your soft skin and hair , scalp a good and thorough deep cleaning, removing all dirt and residue everyday.


  • Body Scrubber Massages Bath Brush also may your scalp to ease itching and promote blood circulation. With regular use, your hair and scalp will be much stronger, healthier and cleaner than ever before


  • Body Brushes Works for any hair texture. Perfect and ideal for all hair types including thick to thin, coarse or curly, wet and dry condition. It is not only for shampooing but also for daily massage of the head. It can also be used to thoroughly clean the braids, weaves, extensions, and even for pet grooming.


  • Silicone Body Scrubber Bathing Tools for Baby Children , women ,men and The Aged.


  • Soft and durable silicon body scrubbers for use in shower


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