Stainless Steel 5-in-1 Multifunction Kitchen Master Vegetable Slicer Stainless Steel Super Sharp Blades

  • Rs.780.00

  • -Material = Stainless Steel Blades
  • 5 separate cutting options available 
  • -Slices Vegetables Perfectly
  • Rotating the switch to change the cutting options
  • you do no need to touch the blade-ever
  • safe hand holder Included
  • Round slicer from paper thin to 9mm thick
  • two julienne slicer settings - 4.5mm and 9mm. With Bruno slicer, you can make perfect salad easily even first time.
  • Using Bruno Slicer to Save Prep Time
  • save much time of preparing food and help you cook like a pro
  • made with top-quality stainless steel, with sharp food-grade blades
  • -Check The Product First & Pay Only When You are Satisfied From Size & Quality At Your Doorstep In Hyderabad.


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