Tuz Liquid State Natural Blusher Multi-Purpose Lip, Cheek & Eye

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  • Our liquid blush is designed to effortlessly accentuate your natural beauty. With its silky texture, this liquid blush for the cheeks is gently applied and provides a weightless feeling that does not weigh you down. Its seamless application provides a natural, blendable finish that gives you a fascinating, healthy shine.
  • Our long-lasting formula ensures your blush lasts all day and won't fade or smudge. No need to worry about touch-ups or reapplication - this blush will remain intact and give you a radiant complexion that lasts for a long time.
  • This compact blush is perfect for touching up on the go. It is in an easy to pump bottle. You just need to press the pump and the blush can be easily squeezed out. Whether you are at work, travelling or out with friends, this portable blush is the best choice for maintaining a fresh, rosy complexion.
  • Our liquid blush features a gentle formula that caters to all makeup enthusiasts. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced professional, our liquid blush is the perfect addition to your make-up routine. We recommend doing a small skin patch test before use, as each skin is different


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