Aban Kaveh 3pcs Air-Tight Glass Food Storage Bowl Set

  • Rs.1,100.00

-Size :   Large Bowl     = Diameter = 7 inches    ; Height = 3.2 inches  

             Medium Bow l = Diameter = 6 inches    ; Height = 2.6 inches

             Small Bowl     = Diameter = 4.8 inches  ; Height = 2 inches

-Material = Glass Bowl With Air Tight Plastic Closing Lid

-Set Of Three Glass Bowls With Varying Size Needs

-Full Air Tight Locking

-Perfect For Storing Food Item

-Made From Refined Glass For Daily Uses For Storage & Fridge

-Dishwasher Safe

-Premium Toughened Glass

-Non Porous & Stain Resistant

-Comes In Decent Box Packing

-Pay After Checking The Product's Quality & Size At Your Doorstep In Hyderabad.



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