New-Born Baby Food Fruit Nipple Feeder Pacifier ( Random Colors )

  • Rs.150.00

  • Random Colors
  • -BPA Free Plastic
  • -Specially For Babies And Small Kids.
  • -Holding Handles
  • -For 3+ Month Kids
  • - Easy to use: get the fruit or vegetable into chips with scissors.
  • - Screw out the handle to put the chips into the strainer before replacing the handle.
  • - The baby will hold the handle to suck the silicone strainer net to enjoy thefood. The residue shall be removed after sucking.
  • - Lead your baby to feed by itself. Let your baby to take a full variety of nourishment in addition to the breast milk.
  • - Train your baby's chewing muscle, relax its uncomfortable feeling due to teething and enhance the growth of its brain.
  • - Silicone strainer net with mesh of appropriate size ensures easy and safe use.
  • - Suitable for baby over 6 months to use ,it is also a great when your baby is teething.

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