Appollo MAc Medium Size Tiffin Box For One Person Serving ( Random Colors Will Be Sent )

  • Rs.1,420.00

  • Random Colors Will Be Sent
  • Serving Meal For One Person  
  • -Comes With 2 Steel Food Bowls & One Plastic Bowl With Cover
  • -One Zipper Bag To Carry Tiffin Anywhere Easily
  • -Size Of Tiffin In Bag: Diameter = 6 inches X Height = 8.5 inches
  • -Material: Outer Plastic Body & Stainless Steel Bowls 
  • -Insulated PU Foam Maintains Temperature Perfectly
  • Super Air-Tight Food Storage
  • 100% Leakage Proof
  • -Fresh & Hot
  • -Maintains Temperature For Longer Time

-Check The Product First & Pay Only When You are Satisfied From Size & Quality At Your Doorstep In Hyderabad.



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