Digital Kitchen Thermometer Kitchen Food Thermometers

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1. ON/OFF: switch function

2. ℃/℉: Celsius/Fahrenheit conversion

3. HOLD: temperature lock function, press this button, the current temperature is locked, and then press the lock function to release.

4. MAX/MIN: High temperature and low temperature memory, press this button to display the previous high temperature, press to display the previous low temperature, and press to restore the temperature measurement state.

Technical data:

Temperature measurement range: -50℃-300℃ (-58℉-572℉)

Resolution: 0.1℃

Accuracy: ±1℃(-20℃-80℃), ±2℃(other ranges)

Power saving mode: automatic shutdown in 10 minutes, power saving function

Power supply: 1 AG13 button battery

Overall length: 227mm

Net length of probe: 148mm

Display size: 21mm×8mm

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