Maxware Marshal 3-Compartment Plastic Sealed 1.5-Kg Grain Storage Jar ( Random Colors )

  • Rs.620.00

  • Comes In Random Colors
  • -Each Partition Can Store 500 Grams Of Food
  • -Size : Diameter = 5 inches X Height = 9.5 inches
  • Kitchen Food Storage Movable Compartment Plastic Container Box Rice Beans Grain Storage Tank Anti-Moisture Clear Preservation
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  • Plastic Cereal Containers;Cereal Container Set;Food Storage Containers;Food Containers;Plastic Storage Containers
  • Item Description
  • Sub-grid design, classified storage. The sealed crisper is dustproof and moisture proof and can prevent the food and snacks from getting moisturized and mildewed. You won't take things mistakenly because the transparent box allows you to see things inside. The crisper features convenient storage, less space occupation, non-slip bottom and good sealing performance.
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