Pack Of 3pcs Small Size Air-Tight Printed Bowl Set (Random Colors)

  • Rs.260.00

-Comes In Random Colors

-Small Sizes 

-Size Of Bowl-1= Length = 4.7 Inches X Width = 3.5  X Height = 1.7 Inches

-Size Of Bowl-2= Length = 6 Inches X Width = 4.5  X Height = 2.3 Inches

-Size Of Bowl-3= Length = 7.5 Inches X Width = 5.5  X Height = 2.8 Inches

-Material : Transparent Plastic

-Printed Colorful Top Cover

-Full Air Tight Food Preserving

-3Small Size Bowl Set Same Size 

-Safe For Food Storage.

-Delivery Is Available Only In Hyderabad.

-Hyderabad Delivery Charges Only Rs 40/=

-Same Day Delivery

-Check The Product First & Pay Only When You are Satisfied From Size & Quality At Your Doorstep In Hyderabad.



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