Silicone Heel Protector 2ps Pair Ankle Pain Relief Cushion Socks Foot Pads

  • Rs.200.00

  • PAIN RELIEF: Protect skin from painful irritation, blisters & calluses.

  • PROTECTION: Keeps skin comfortably moisturized to prevent dry skin and protect skin from cracking.

  • EXTRA COMFORT: Medical grade silicone soft gel cradles the heel for extra cushioning, stability & comfort.

  • UNIVERSAL SIZE: One size durable and stretchy design fits most feet.

  • Silicone moisturizing Heel Socks for cracked heel

  • Protect heel from painful irritation, spur, shoe sore, blisters, calluses and getting dry which causes cracking.

  • Comfortably can be worn under socks or stocking with shoes, boots or heels in Daily Life.

  • Softening dead skin,improve rough skin;repair of foot cracking;repair of heel crack;protective toe;anti friction;protect the skin against peeling and cracking

  • How To Use - Can be worn under or over socks, or with bare feet

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